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Company Culture and Its Relationship to Success

This month, Epoch had the pleasure of hosting a corporate cultural exchange seminar. The event was attended by local business leaders & academics and it was a learning opportunity for everyone.

A visiting professor from Dalian University discussed the perspectives of Wang Yangming, a Ming Dynasty philosopher, on the “unity of knowing and acting” and how it relates to developing a strong corporate culture on values that matter to the world we live in.

Epoch, for its part, shared that its strong value-based culture has many dividends including productive employees and low turnover. The average service life of an Epoch employee is 16 years. Our staff deeply cares about each other and the work we do. This has made all the difference when it comes to developing long term customer relationships, maintaining quality, and growing into a healthy, thriving business.

The main take away – focus on developing strong, positive company values (in our case – excellence, unity, service, learning, diversity) and the rest will follow.

Here are some snapshots of the event!

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