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Epoch Culture – Ownership 2019 Campaign

This year, Epoch will have bi-monthly campaigns that focus on particular themes that will help develop and refine our company culture further.

For January and February, the focus was “ownership.”  As our company grows and new people join the fold, maintaining a companywide culture of ownership has become crucial. The two-month Ownership Awareness Campaign has created lots of opportunities for individual and team-based conversations about ownership and how it applies both in our work and personal lives.

The culmination of the two-month campaign is artistic performances at the end of the month meeting in February.  Teams wrote scripts, assigned roles and rehearsed their performances during lunch and break times.  This process itself gave everyone ample opportunities to discuss and understand what ownership actually means.  It was also a time for team bonding and collaboration.

At the February staff meeting, various departments had the opportunity to step in front of the Epoch staff and show off their interpretation of ownership and what it means to their particular department.  This was such a fun way to learn about the spirit of ownership.

All the different presentations emphasized the importance of communication, the creation of common ground, acting proactively and going beyond one’s own responsibility to tackle issues that affect Epoch as a whole.

Here are some pictures from the ownership performances:

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