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Epoch Employees Deliver Food to Nearby Seniors

Being alone during holidays is hard.  Being an impoverished elderly and alone is even harder.  This is why our Epoch volunteer team has made it a habit to visit seniors nearby and deliver rice, oil, pastries, and smiles before the Chinese Spring Festival.  It is our way of wishing them a Happy Lunar Year.

For this event, we also take some of our employees’ kids spending their winter break at the Epoch Camp.  Since moving to our new LEED Platinum Certified building, we have hosted our employees’ kids during school break.  In addition to being close to their parents and spending their time at the kids learning center at the Epoch Campus, the kids also learn more about volunteerism by participating in volunteer activities that take place during their presence.

Giving and receiving blessings, what a wonderful way to mark the coming Spring Festival Holiday!

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