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Epoch Moves Towards Self-Managed Teams

We are thrilled to announce that Epoch is transitioning to self-managing teams! This will enable the company to be more agile and responsive to change and empower Epoch employees to make a difference in their work environment that is conducive to growth.

At the core of establishing self-managing teams lies the practice of consultation. Consultation is a process of collective decision-making that ensures all voices are heard and that all stakeholders have a say in the company’s path and growth.

With this in mind, over the last year, Epoch began to lay the foundation for self-managing teams. We started by developing a handbook on consultation and then holding workshops for the entire company on the process of consultation and decision-making.

We are now ready to embark on our path to construct the new company organization. A team of volunteers from various departments will be taking on this challenge as the “Organizational Design Team”. They are tasked with moving the company from a hierarchical structure to interconnected cells. These cells will carry out specialized functions and will be interconnected to keep the company functioning and always growing.

This is a significant change for Epoch, and we are excited to see how it unfolds. We look forward to seeing how our team members and customers reap the benefits of our new structure!

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