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Epoch Participates in a 5G Summit

As one of the founding members of the 5G Innovation Forum, Epoch International was invited to participate in the 2019 local 5G summit in Dalian, China. The summit’s main aim was to discuss application innovation for the Industrial and business environment.  

During the event, Chinese tech giants, such as China Mobile, China Unicom, Alibaba Cloud, Hua Wei, Hangzhou Anheng, and others shared prototypes and applications of some of their 5G innovations, as well as future trends. The well-attended summit was a good opportunity for Epoch to network with other leading tech companies working in the region.

Epoch forging ahead into the 5G Era

Epoch International has already taken steps to prepare for the 5G era. Our company is a founding member of the Dalian 5G Alliance. We have signed a cooperation agreement with China Unicom, and 5G base stations are in the process of being installed at the Epoch Dalian campus. Epoch is also working with China Unicom to research and develop innovative ideas that will change the technological landscape.  

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