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Epoch Technologies and China Unicom to Collaborate on 5G Research

Epoch Technologies and China Unicom, one of the world’s largest mobile service provider, have signed an agreement to pool their R&D efforts together to explore the application of 5G technology in the manufacturing arena. The two companies will bring complementary expertise to the research & development process, creating a synergistic effect that is sure to bring invaluable insights.

The main areas of collaboration will be data collection and control, cloud computing, high-resolution mobile video backhaul, information security, and user privacy. This fits well with Epoch’s business model that aims to take full advantage of industry 4.0 tools such as automation, AI, industrial internet of things, and data flow between manufacturing stations.    

Epoch and China Unicom will also work together to experiment with smart factory models that will increase efficiency through automation and process renovation. The two companies plan to build a 5G lab where innovative solutions will be tested, refined, and implemented.

Experts predict 5G technology will have a huge impact on the manufacturing sector. It will hasten the arrival of the 4th industrial revolution in which businesses will, more than ever, utilize a connected infrastructure where data collection and sharing plays a central role in improving manufacturing processes. Epoch Technologies is happy to partner with China Unicom to deeply explore this cutting edge technological area.

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