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Foxconn Goes Green

Green Foxconn in the near future?
Green Foxconn in the near future?

Word has it that Foxconn, known for manufacturing Apple’s i-Pad and iPhone, is going green.  Bloomberg Businessweek reports that the company is planning to build a state of the art, 500 acre industrial park in Guizhou — one of China’s most pristine regions.  Foxconn is said to be looking to build an eco-friendly, impressively energy efficient, green factory with 70 percent of the site’s original vegetation preserved.  The park will be located outside the city of Guiyang.

The factory, which is slotted produce smartphones and TVs, will start with 12,000 people but is expected to employ 50,000 in 3 years.  The industrial park will also house a massive R&D and big data center.  If things go as planned, there is a plan to expand the initial size in as much as three times.

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

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