How We Developed Our Own Custom Air Purification System


One of the issues we faced during Epoch’s move to our new building is the management of fume from the reflow process of the SMT line. We initially considered piping it out of the factory but found that plan inefficient and environmentally harmful.  In addition, we wanted a solution that is cost-effective and flexible enough to accommodate any number of SMT line arrangements.  With this in mind, we began looking at what is available on the market.


During our research phase, we found that indoor air purification systems are used in factories in the US and Europe. By contrast, in China, the preferred choice is to pipe fumes outside.  This is probably because indoor purification systems are more expensive to set up and maintain.

After months of research into different indoor air purification systems from around the world, we decided to develop our own system in-house.  The idea of designing and building something that fit our needs perfectly was exciting to our engineering team.


After months of R&D, we are happy to announce that we have come up with a solution that not only solves the reflow fume issue in our factory but would also be useful to other companies in our situation.

Our new Fume Extractor solution is developed by Pacific Trinetics Corporation, which is part of Epoch International.  The Equipment is compact, efficient, and powerful.  The filtration system is mainly composed of 7 layers of HEPA and active carbon filters and can effectively filter 99.97% 0.3-micron particles.  The automatic control system can adjust its airflow rate according to real-time feedback from embedded gas quality and viscosity sensors which leads to the perfect balance between air quality and energy consumption.

The Fume Extractor will protect the health of our employees by providing a safer working environment.  It will also safeguard the outside atmosphere by cleaning the air within the factory and recirculating it instead of venting fume straight out of the building.  Our compact, portable recirculation extraction unit can also be moved around the factory as needed, providing flexibility for various production demands.

Throughout the process of developing the fume extractor, it was satisfying and fun to be our own customer. We received great service!