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Epoch Partners with an Autism Center

After an initial visit to an Autism Center nearby, the members the Epoch volunteer team were so moved by what they saw that they decided they must support the center.  Since then, they have been visiting the children and doing activities with them.

Recently, the group of employees involved with the center decided to raise money by organizing an auction style sale at our cafeteria.  It was a good opportunity for the rest of our colleagues to participate in helping the center.  Our employees selected and donated items to be sold at the auction.   We had a lot of fun bidding on the various items for sale during the auction.  The auctioneers were really good at getting the best price out of us.

After the auction, the organizing team went to visit the center again to deliver hugs, gifts, and the money raised. Here are some pictures from the auction and the visit afterward:



Since special needs children usually don’t get many services in China, supporting programs already in place is vital to keeping them going.  We are pleased to partner with the local Autism Center.  It really helps that Epoch is dedicated to encouraging philanthropic initiatives among its employees.  Service is part of our core value and culture.


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