Design. Innovation. Engineering.


Epoch is a design and engineering electronics manufacturing services company. We deliver innovative proprietary solutions to several industries such as:

  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Security
  • Medical devices
  • PC / phone test equipment

From Design and Development to Manufacturing and Testing and Supply Chain Management, we do it all.

Epoch has dedicated teams of engineers that provide design and development services to our customers which complements our end-to-end manufacturing services. 

Epoch’s expert teams carefully review the manufacturability of designs for precision and formulate recommendations for design enhancement. 

This results in cost-effective, high-quality electronic products manufactured to your exact specifications.

Our Supply Chain Management begins with careful planning of all requested materials through the use of our cutting-edge ERP system.

We leverage ERP to provide complete visibility throughout the process and react immediately to changes in demand. 

Our Process

Epoch's electronics manufacturing services process

How We Do It