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Students Visit Epoch to Learn About Project Management

Students from Maple Leaf International School visited Epoch to learn about the importance of project management and communication when it comes to running successful projects.

Maple Leaf and Epoch have partnered to create hands-on learning experiences for the students at the school in a project called Mission to Mars.  Mission to Mars is a school-wide project that allows students to organize into different departments of the same company such as Design, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Purchasing, Logistics and work together on projects just as people do in the real world.  Since the launch of Mission to Mars, the students have been working on various projects.

During their most recent visit to Epoch, students got to see first hand what a state of the art green manufacturing facility looks like.  In addition, after visiting the entire facility, the students were given a chance to meet with Epoch’s R&D Manager, Project Manager, and Purchasing Manager where they had a chance to ask questions and learn about the role of each manager.

Here are some pictures from the visit:

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