Finger pointing to supply chain graphic

At Epoch, Supply Chain Management (S.C.M.) begins with careful planning of all requested materials through the use of our cutting-edge ERP system. We leverage ERP to provide complete visibility throughout the process and react immediately to changes in demand.

Our planning team controls the inventory levels to provide cost and time savings that are passed on to our customers.

Procurement is managed through a network of global suppliers. We have carefully cultivated solid relationships throughout the supply chain.

It is through our strategic partnerships with our select base of suppliers that we ensure components received are of the highest quality. S.C.M also manages a network of outsourced processes to augment our core manufacturing.

Epoch’s planning and procurement teams work in tandem with our Logistics team to secure timely movement of materials in and out of our facility through a carefully orchestrated movement of goods, and in close cooperation with carriers and forwarders.