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The Acting Deputy of the US Embassy in Beijing Visits Epoch

Recently, Epoch had the pleasure of hosting a visit by Jonathan Fritz, the Acting Deputy of The US Embassy Mission in Beijing.

After welcoming Mr. Frits, Foad Ghalili (General Manager) and Ladon Ghalili (Director), gave him an extended tour of our facility including the factory floor, R&D, office area, outdoor garden, and the various exceptional features of our new building.

Epoch’s capacity, innovation, and future plans were the key topics on the table. Our team discussed the smart manufacturing aspirations of the company as well as Epoch’s strategic position as a US engineering and manufacturing company within China.

Mr. Fritz on his part thanked Epoch for the warm reception and expressed his happiness over the fact that “there is a high-end US company here in Dalian featuring the spirit of Silicone Valley.” He also pledged his willingness to provide more support towards promoting the company’s development.

Enjoy the pictures from the visit.


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