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What Makes Our Factory Green?

Epoch International is excited to officially have its facilities LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) platinum standard certified. But what does this mean and what did we do to make this happen?

We made sure our building is energy efficient and optimized for the well-being and comfort of our employees and visitors alike. It has plenty of natural lighting, a water recycling system, and a roof garden.

Our factory is fitted with top of the line green and sustainability features. Here is a look at what we have put in place to ensure our factory is as green as possible:

  • A dual lane production line
  • A 140 KW photovoltaic system
  • An energy consumption monitoring system
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Top of the line insulation
  • State of the art building management system
  • Grey water recycling
  • Drought resistant plants on the rooftop garden
  • VOC and PM monitoring
  • Natural day-lighting with skylights, louvers and Low-E glazing

Our building layout utilizes the open space concept and has a large but flexible production area. The offices overlook the production hall so that engineers aren’t too far removed from production lines. It also has leisure spaces such as tea rooms and roof and vegetable gardens. We also have a gym, a clinic, a meditation space, and a learning center with a library both for children and adults that is open to all employees and their families.

It is our goal to become a leader in sustainable practices here in China.  We will continue to pursue measures to increase the environmental sustainability of all areas of our business.

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