Women at Epoch International


At Epoch International, women play a crucial role at every level of our business. Ensuring gender parity is part of our core company values. We are unswerving in our dedication to the recruitment, growth, and retention of women professionals.

We understand that this doesn’t just mean day to day success in the work environment. Therefore, we provide the space for our women employees to develop their talents and to grow within and outside of their present roles. We want every woman at Epoch International to reach her full potential both at the workplace and in her personal life.


Not only do we work hard to hire talented women but we also make sure every single one is given the opportunity to thrive in our company environment. In order to do this we make sure we are:

  • continually committed to gender equality from the top.
  • providing meaningful learning and advancement opportunities for women and men alike.
  • tracking our performance in the recruitment and retention of female talent.


We understand that an employee’s company life is directly affected by those with whom that employee works with on a daily basis. Therefore, we ensure that our work environment is an inclusive one with a culture that doesn’t allow any room for gender bias.

At Epoch International, we are committed to strengthening the foundation of our culture of which gender equality is a crucial beam. We constantly reinforce everything that allows women to thrive in the company and dismantle potential obstacles that may get in the way.