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A recap of Foad Ghalili’s interview with I-Connect

Highlights from Foad Ghalili’s interview, President/CEO of Epoch International, with I-Connect:

Purpose-Driven Establishment

  • Thirty years ago, Epoch was established with the goal of improving worker conditions, bringing enhancements to the high-tech manufacturing space, and catering to companies seeking IP protection.

Holistic Employee Development

  • We emphasize both material and spiritual improvement for employees; this fosters a sense of community, resulting in low turnover and close relationships among employees. 

Diverse Engineering Expertise, Value Added Services

  • Beyond mass manufacturing, we provide extensive engineering support. We have a dedicated team of engineers for product design and development, including hardware, software, and mechanical teams.
  • We receive concepts from customers which we then develop and bring the product to the mass market, by providing design, development, and manufacturing services.

Global Expansion Strategy

  • While Dalian has the largest capacity, our Fremont, CA facility is transitioning from prototyping to mass production, particularly in the medical sector. Additionally, we’re establishing a facility in India to serve customers locally.
  • Our vision for a global strategy is to build in the region for the region, hence Dalian for Southeast Asia, California for the US, and India for local customers.

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