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Epoch Expands to India

Fremont, CA – Epoch International Enterprises, a renowned high-tech design and manufacturing services company, is proud to announce the establishment of Epoch Tech India Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore, India on July 4, 2023. With this strategic expansion, Epoch International now operates three key facilities, including its design and prototyping center in California and its high-volume manufacturing hub in Dalian, China.

Since its inception in 1993, Epoch International has been at the forefront of delivering tailored solutions to clients and partners in Silicon Valley and beyond. The integration of design and manufacturing capabilities across its facilities has allowed the company to offer a comprehensive spectrum of services, encompassing the entire product development cycle, from concept to mass production.

Building upon the success of its facilities in Fremont and Dalian, which have achieved seamless project execution through identical equipment and standardized protocols, Epoch takes its strategy to new heights with the recent establishment of the Bangalore subsidiary. With Epoch Tech India Pvt. Ltd., the company adds another streamlined facility to its portfolio, continuing its focus on delivering efficient and consistent execution across all locations bringing forth enhanced possibilities for collaboration and fostering synergies with the thriving technological landscape in the region.

“Our commitment to delivering superior services to our clients and partners remains at the core of our expansion strategy,” said Foad Ghalili, President/CEO of Epoch International Enterprises. “The establishment of a new facility in Bangalore allows us to further strengthen our capabilities and better serve the needs of our global clientele while capitalizing on the vibrant tech ecosystem in India.”

Epoch Tech India Pvt. Ltd. will serve as a hub for design, development, and manufacturing, strengthening Epoch International’s presence in the Indian market and enabling the company to provide localized support to its growing customer base.

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