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Children’s Day in Dalian

Once again, on the weekend of June 1st — the official Children’s Day in China — city-wide celebrations were held in Dalian.

Children's Day in full color!
Children’s Day in full color!

In addition to sponsoring the event, Epoch sent a team of volunteers to help with the festival.

Childrens day 2
Fun stations

Epoch employees showed up on Saturday morning to help with the setting up of fun stations.

children's day4
Ready, set, go!

Once the children began showing up, our employees dispersed through out the center to participate in a variety of fun activities.

Hard at fun!

The program included performances, parent-child games, foosball, costume design, drawing and all sorts of other family centered activities.

End of a good day; all smiles.

After the festival ended, our volunteers helped with the clean up process before going home themselves.


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