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Epoch Employees Deliver Pastries and Cooking Basics to Struggling Households 

Just like anywhere else, there are people who struggle to meet theirs and their family’s basic needs in our community here in Dalian. To mark the coming Chinese New Year holiday, Epoch employees fundraised and organized a baking event for families in need in a nearby neighborhood.

Basic necessities such as oil, rice, noodles, and flour were purchased with the money raised. In addition, our colleagues took the time to make freshly baked goods to be packed with New Year notes and delivered to the participating families.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy:



Since implementing a paid volunteer time program at Epoch, participation in such activities has increased. The program aims to give Epoch employees a sense of greater purpose in the workplace.  In other words, at Epoch, we don’t just care about growing our business; we also care about improving the lives of people around us. Our employees are our greatest core-value ambassadors.

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