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A Recap of Epoch 30th Anniversary Celebration

Thirty years of hard work, dedication, and innovation – that’s what Epoch International celebrated at its 30th-anniversary festivities. From heartfelt employee stories to an inspiring speech by President/CEO Foad Ghalili, warm wishes from former and current employees, and a special address by U.S. Consul General Sara Yun, the celebration was nothing short of memorable. 

Employee Stories: A Journey Down Memory Lane

The heart of Epoch’s anniversary celebration lay in its dedicated employees, past and present. Some of our employees are not just colleagues but also actual families. In a touching video below, these interconnected employees shared where they were when Epoch was founded and recounted their journeys to becoming integral parts the Epoch family. These stories painted a vivid picture of how the company and the employees grew alongside each other. 

President/CEO Foad Ghalili's Inspiring Speech

Foad Ghalili, President/CEO of Epoch International, took the stage to deliver a speech that encapsulated the essence of the company’s incredible journey. He reflected on Epoch’s humble beginnings and evolution; he expressed heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering dedication of the team and set the tone for a bright future ahead. He stated, “The story of the past 30 years of Epoch is very much intertwined with the story of each and every one of our past and present staff. It is a story of growth that is built upon collective struggles and aspirations of all of us.”

Foad expressed that from the beginning, Epoch’s journey involved recognizing the importance of both material and spiritual growth for individuals. Initially uncertain about how to implement this concept, the company embarked on a learning process, experimenting and refining the approach. A particular focus was given to the challenge of integrating spiritual values like compassion, generosity, and justice into the day-to-day decision-making process, alongside traditional material progress indicators. This exploration became a pivotal part of Epoch’s corporate identity and culture.

U.S. Consul General Sara Yun's Special Address

A highlight of the celebration was the special address by U.S. Consul General Sara Yun. Her presence and words added a touch of distinction to the event. Consul General Yun commended the company’s three decades of dedication to excellence and its role in fostering international relations. She brought into focus the work of Epoch by contextualizing it within the framework of the U.S.-China relationship. In her speech, she emphasized, “Epoch also demonstrates to me what Americans and Chinese can accomplish together.”

Warm Wishes from Former and Current Employees

The celebration was further enriched by warm wishes and congratulations pouring in every direction from former and current employees who have been part of Epoch’s journey. Their messages were a heartwarming tribute to the enduring impact of the company on its employees’ lives.

Some Snapshots From The Event

Epoch International’s anniversary celebration was an emotional look at the past 30 years. As Epoch embarks on the next leg of its journey, it does so with a strong foundation built on dedication, teamwork, and unwavering commitment to its values.

Our Mission Statement

“We believe that in everything we do we must strive to attain a standard of excellence. Providing an environment of learning in conjunction with material and spiritual growth of the employees, and fostering the diversity of ideas in an atmosphere of unity, will lead to zero defects and total customer satisfaction.”

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