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For International Women’s Day – Flowers Everywhere!

This year at Epoch, we celebrated International Women’s Day by taking the time out to learn to arrange gorgeous bouquets of fresh cut flowers with the help of guest interior designer Thao Doan.  Arranging flowers is a wonderful creative outlet that relaxes the body and mind.  Flowers themselves aren’t just something pretty to look at; they are actually good for our mental health.

Research shows that indoor flowers and plants uplift moods and promote a sense of wellbeing. People who work in offices with plants and flowers have a higher cognitive performance than those stuck in bare offices. They reduce anxiety and help the creative juices flow.

At Epoch, we consistently try to organize group activities that draw people out from their regular roles and introduce them to something they don’t know about or ordinarily do. The flower arrangement activity for March 8 turned out to be a lot of fun!

Enjoy the pictures from the day below!



Nothing like having fresh flowers brighten our day and our office space!

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