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U.S. Ambassador Branstad Visits Epoch

U.S. Ambassador Terry Branstad and his wife, Mrs. Christine Branstad accompanied by Consul General Gregory May and his wife, Mrs. Margaret May visited Epoch on April 11, 2019. The Ambassador arrived with a delegation of 15 staff members from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing and the Consulate section in Shenyang.

The Ambassador visited Epoch, Intel, and Pfizer Inc. in Dalian to survey the status of key  U.S. businesses in Northeast China. In a private meeting held with Epoch’s Executives, Foad Ghalili, Nathan Ashelman, and Ladon Ghalili, the discussion revolved around the growth and challenges of a midsize technology company within the framework China market.

Epoch management team attributed the growth of the company and the protection of its own and its partners’ intellectual property to the high moral standards of its employees. At the heart of the company’s operations lies a series of core values that foster the moral and ethical growth of the employees.

The Ambassador saw parallels between the approaches Epoch is taking and the farmers of his home state of Iowa for the need to “take the long view” of things. He appreciated Epoch’s demonstrated “perseverance and persistence” in growing over a quarter century from humble beginnings to an impressive operation, an expansion inspired by high ideals.

After the meeting, the Ambassador and his delegation toured Epoch’s state of the art facility.  While he was the governor of Iowa, the Ambassador led the state’s renewable energy advancements and for this reason, he was exceptionally pleased with Epoch’s LEED Platinum Certified facility.

Epoch was honored to host U.S. Ambassador Terry Branstad and his delegates.

Below are some pictures of the visit.


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